Workplace wellbeing has taken on a whole new meaning in 2020 as the public health crisis of Covid-19 has convulsed the world of work, sending millions of workers to work from home and opening a debate about the future purpose of office environments and the responsibilities of employers for the welfare of their people. This report is the latest in a series looking at the relationship between workplace design and productivity. 

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In the report we explore how might workplace wellbeing be clearly defined and explained to a company board? What are its essential components? What trends were taking shape before the pandemic and what is happening now? And how can the future of wellbeing influence company performance?

To help us answer these questions, we assembled an expert panel drawn from a range of disciplines including neuroscience, positive psychology, ergonomics, employee engagement, mindfulness and academic research for the built environment.

"The Corporate world has an opportunity to pave the way and lead on the wellbeing agenda. One of the positives of 2020’s pandemic is that it has been a catalyst to rethink how we live and how we work to change things for the better."

Guenaelle Watson, MD, 360 Workplace

The Future Workplace: The role of the office, productivity and wellbeing

We recently staged a webinar featuring four of Europe’s most prominent and knowledgeable workplace experts to unpick the lessons we are learning about work in these extraordinary times and how we might apply them now and in the longer term.

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Wellbeing in the workplace: Putting your employees at the heart of your workplace vision

Every aspect of a working environment impacts on our wellbeing. It is therefore crucial to incorporate wellbeing into the design, fit-out and working culture of any future workplace relocation or refurbishment project. Download our latest guide for our tips on how to do this.

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A greater understanding of the new workplace ecosystem

We’re now eight months or more into whatever this new era might be for humankind, and a far clearer picture is emerging about the world of work that will emerge as part of it. And it’s one about which we already have a great deal of knowledge.

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Leadership & Design

Following the Puzzle of Productivity – What Enhances Workplace Performance report which was launched in 2018 in partnership with WORKTECH Academy and The United Workplace, Guenaelle Watson, director of sister company 360 Workplace shares her new opinion piece on Leadership and Design - Are we ready for a new relationship?

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Puzzle of Productivity

The ‘Puzzle of Productivity’ report was undertaken with participants from organisations in the UK, USA, Australia, South America and UAE, as well as via WORKTECH’s global network.

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