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Everyone wants to find the magic formula for improving workplace performance. It is almost as if solving productivity in the workplace is a form of alchemy.

So what are the elements that we can harness to influence the effectiveness of an organisation and the people within it? Area, 360 Workplace, The United Workplace and WORKTECH Academy have partnered to find out.

"Since the 2008 financial crash, the global workplace has been trying to recover from a steep dip in productivity. Companies have searched for new ways to rebuild the rhythm of employee performance but the past decade has seen patchy progress in raising productivity inside organisations around the world. This report explores the parameter of the subject and examines key factors and attitudes around driving up performance in the global workplace."

Aki Stamatis, Chairman, Fourfront Group

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The ‘Puzzle of Productivity’ report was undertaken with participants from organisations in the UK, USA, Australia, South America and UAE, as well as via WORKTECH’s global network. Register your details below to receive your free copy.


Workplace Week

The report was presented by Leeson Medhurst, Director of 360 Workplace and Jeremy Myerson, Director of WORKTECH Academy at Workplace Week 2018.

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Aki Stamatis, Chairman of Fourfront Group,
presented the report at WORKTECH18 London. Jeremy Myerson then chaired a panel discussion with our United Workplace partners.

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