The Future of Work

We invited over 50 kids to share views on the future of work. What we heard was a fascinating and uncompromising exploration into the future workplace, with infinite possibility.

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Predictions into the future are so often guided by our understanding of the world as it is today. But through the eyes of children, we can open our eyes to a world unrestricted by today's limitations. Read our latest report on the future of the workplace, as told by its future occupants, children! We’ve asked some industry experts too. We hope you enjoy the read.

Meet the team of the future

Here’s just some of the amazing children who gave up their precious time to come in and share their views on the future of the workplace.

Jake and Joshua

Sofia and Amelie

Lily and Bibi

Danny and May

Ethan and Edie

Charlie and Mavie

Anya and Eshen

Amy and Scarlett

"AI and automation will transform the business landscape and the sorts of work we do, but it will also have profound implications for the places we work. We might think we know what smart cities and smart buildings are but we ain’t seen nothing yet. This will not just be about the introduction of sensors and systems that improve the functioning of the building, but also about how it serves the people who occupy the space and their wellbeing"

Gary Chandler, CEO, Area & the wider Fourfront Group

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