Have you ever noticed the art work deployed in your workplace? Are you aware of its impact when it comes to boost your creativity and make you feel welcomed in your work space?

International Art Consultants (IAC) and Area present key five benefits of workplace art in the contemporary office based on an extensive research conducted by IAC in partnership with The British Council for Offices. Main findings of the research are fairly conclusive:   90% of the survey respondents display art on their premises and 86% of them think that art is more relevant than ever in today's office environment.

Creating a more welcoming work space

93% of survey participants agreed that art makes the workplace more welcoming for staff and visitors alike. Art entices people into the office making it a workplace of choice and may also help with staff retention in the era of home-working and 'hot desk'.

Providing more flexibility in new agile working environment

Working environments have become large-open plan multipurpose spaces where conventional hanging space is limited. Creative solutions to challenge the office layout include consideration of new kinds of art (integrated; functional or kinetic and digital); investment in pieces that can easily be moved (freestanding or modular artworks) as well as opting for art rental solutions in order to maximise flexibility.

Stimulating creativity and increasing productivity

The incorporation of art in the contemporary office not only inspires creativity and improves individual and collective well-being but new research suggests it can significantly increase productivity especially when employees are asked to be involved in the art selection process.

Communicating brand image and values

Artwork provides a complementary and sophisticated way to cut through the communication overload and get the corporate message across. The key is to do it in an authentic manner so that the images and messages contained in any artwork really do help communicate the company's ethos. Art-based initiatives have a significant weight in CSR programmes and they secure positive PR.

Artwork still funded even in austerity

Art budget should be managed wisely: trophy art collections are not what companies are after these days. Companies should invest in pieces that can provide a return on investment in the long term by for instance, supporting new, up and coming artists: it would mean less money upfront. Key research findings reveal that art in the workplace assists in communicating brand values; inspires creativity and can significantly increase staff productivity and retention.

- by Guenaelle Watson

Have you invested in art in your workplace? And, if so, how did you go about selecting the right pieces for your office and what was the feedback from your employees? Tell us @areasq.

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