When we commission, plan, design and build new workplaces, how much attention do we pay to the style of leadership inside the organisation? In the quest to enhance workplace productivity, how much focus within the design briefing and development process do we place on what company leaders are trying to achieve?

These questions are asked for two simple reasons. Firstly, there is now a picture of what can be broadly described as ‘new-generation leadership’ emerging in the corporate workplace, with new approaches to managing and motivating people. It can be argued that these leadership strategies should be more clearly foregrounded by workplace designers and current practice isn’t doing that with sufficient rigour. Secondly, there is growing evidence that leaders make all the difference when it comes to raising organisational productivity – so workplace design needs to step up in support of the facts on the ground.    

Following the Puzzle of Productivity – What Enhances Workplace Performance report which was launched in 2018 in partnership with WORKTECH Academy and The United Workplace, Guenaelle Watson, director of sister company 360 Workplace shares his new opinion piece on Leadership and Design - Are we ready for a new relationship? 

Delving more deeply into the relationship between leadership and design, this 2019 study had three components, which were explored in partnership with WORKTECH Academy and The United Workplace: first, a creative workshop for our own design team in which we created workplace concepts based on a wide range of types of leadership; second, an international survey of 70 clients, probing their ideas and attitudes; and finally, a roundtable of 15 workplace professionals to discuss and reflect on the results.

The findings of the study are discussed in Guenaelle Watson's opinion piece, which is available to download now. Download your copy here.

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