Area relocation & refurbishment seminar - Reward Gateway, London

Area presents their latest Relocation and Refurbishment seminar

Area relocation & refurbishment seminar - Winnersh, Berkshire

How To Optimise Your Property Potential roundtable with Thames Valley Business magazine

Area to host Virtual Reality showcase fringe event as part of Workplace Week

The Brexit impact – what’s next for your workplace?

Area’s Chris Brown announced as a finalist at the 2016 Construction Manager of the Year Awards

The Future of Work roundtable with The Business Magazine

Area showcases the ultimate immersive experience

Area’s project for Cargill wins Thames Valley Property ‘Best Workplace Environment’ Award

The future of work – it’s all about breaking down barriers

Area announced as a finalist at the Thames Valley Property Awards for Cargill project

The Forces Changing the Face of Work

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