Tuesday 20th March, Reading, 7.45am – 10.00am
Tuesday 17th April, London, 7.45am -10.00am

Most CEO’s will say that people are their organisations’ most important asset and that to grow both customer satisfaction and sustainable financial performance they need highly engaged employees. As digital becomes an ever-increasing part of our lives and the needs and expectations of employees and employers are changing the incidence of mental ill-health is growing. NHS England reckon 15% of employees suffer in one form or other. And this costs businesses real money. One report in September 2017 estimates the cost to British business as £35bn a year. On the macro level, OECD estimate the UK loses 4.5% of GDP in lost working days, reduced productivity and higher benefits through mental illness and its effects.

This reporting may partly be a result of greater awareness and understanding but all employers now need to consider employee wellbeing. The way people work and the pressure they feel are well documented but what about the office and its wider environment?

The seminar is jointly hosted by Clarkslegal’s HR Consultancy Forbury People, making buildings better BSRIA and Area. It will suggest a strategic pathway to reducing risk and enhancing financial performance. It will talk about how effective employee engagement is enhanced by a good working environment. It will remind us of the financial value of a well-informed, engaged and motivated workforce, the key role leadership plays, and show how this great work can be undermined if the office and technology does not convey the right message to the team and the outside world.

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