With a strong focus on client engagement and Excellence in Delivery, we talk to Client Relationship Manager Clare Samuels about her day to day experience…

How do you typically start your day?

Coffee! I’ll then drop the kids off at school and head into work. Then more coffee!

What does your typical day look like?

Visiting clients and site is my main focus. Mondays however always start with the BD and Sales meetings which are really essential in order for me to keep up with upcoming projects.

What are your main duties?

I am responsible for developing and maintaining existing client relationships in order to secure repeat business and referrals. As a part of the Fourfront Group’s client engagement strategy and Excellence in Delivery initiative we have a strong focus on ensuring that all client feedback is actioned and followed through so we can continue to improve the client journey. We also strive to engage our clients in the long term with networking events so we can facilitate the introduction of mutually beneficial relationships, forming ongoing partnerships.

A large part of this involves meeting with the clients at the start of a project to ascertain what their experience with Area has been like to date and to ensure that their expectations and priorities are considered throughout our time on site.

I will also carry out a post project CSQ at the end and ensure that the information is fed back to the business and any resulting issues are identified and tasks are actioned.

What is it like working with your team?

I work alongside several teams, including BD, Sales and the delivery teams. They are all very supportive of what I do and are a great bunch of people.

What is it like working for Area?

I love the fact that despite being a large organisation it still feels like it has a family business ethos.

Favourite part of the day?

Lunch of course! And meeting clients!

How do you unwind after a long day?

A glass of wine and a box set

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