What is your name and job title? 

James Pipe, Corporate Accounts Manager

How do you typically start your day?

If it’s a Monday I travel down from Norfolk where I live with my wife, Leanne and our dog Daisy. My day starts ridiculously early – I usually get up at 4am for the drive down to our Egham office. It doesn’t bother me too much as I’m naturally an early riser and I like to get to the office early. 

As soon as I arrive, a cup of tea is needed so I can function, and I’m a big fan of a to-do list where I write all of my actions for the day ahead ready to get cracking (usually with a few items I have already completed to make me feel better!).

What does a typical day look like? 

There isn’t really a ‘typical day’ for me – every day is different. My role at Area includes building relationships with clients; this could be anything from giving technical advice on current projects, or speaking to clients about any future opportunities on the horizon. I could be out visiting a prospective site, reviewing tender documents in the office, or due to my background as a Pre-Con Manager, even be pricing jobs to ensure we give clients the best service possible.

What are your main duties? 

My main focus is to build and grow our relationships with leading figures in the property and construction industry. This is a wide-reaching responsibility which involves lots of regular meetings to discuss and review any upcoming opportunities, giving high-level budgetary advice to enable the client to look at a project’s feasibility, and completing pre-qualifications for prospective projects. I believe being personable is the key to this, so I ensure I meet as many clients face to face as possible. This can mean long hours – but I enjoy the social aspect of the role so I see this as a perk!

What is it like working with the Area team?

Its busy, fun and always a great laugh. We have some excellent professionals in the team, but they are also great people out of work and we all get along socially. The knowledge of the industry and vast experience and skills are shared as we all work closely together, but we also aren’t afraid to have a laugh and joke when the time is right, and this can make the more demanding times much less difficult.

What are your clients like to work with? 

We deal with clients from across a wide variety of industries. We are very lucky that we work with industry-leading professional teams and clients that are very easy to get along. This is not only great for Area, as it means we have a lot of repeat business, but it also means we have the time to develop the relationships and get to know people properly. We see the professionals we work with as extended members of our team; it’s very much a “team mentality”.

How do you like to unwind after a hard day? 

I like to play any competitive sport, enables me to get a release after busy days’ work. Or you can find me in a nice restaurant catching up with friends.

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