Need a break from COVID news? Take a flick through some of our past year highlights and discover how we’re paving the way to a future-proofed space in 2022. 

We’ve mulled over the 2021 workplace so you don’t have to:


Workplaces Across Europe: A Spotlight Series  


We’ve completed a vast range of workplace strategy, design and fit-out projects in over a dozen major cities - from Edinburgh to Budapest - and, crucially, in a landscape that has radically changed.  

And with the future of the workplace taking unexpected turns, rattling a few of our cages (or should we say offices), we felt now was the time to share our insights, learnings, and advice through a new guide. A blueprint guide designed to illuminate a path forward and help you confidently navigate culture, collaboration and construction in the modern workplace.  

The first in our series of informative guides explains trends, innovative designs and forward-thinking methodologies rolling out across the UK, mainland Europe and beyond.  

Our aim is to help you future-proof your workplace from wherever you are so you can be ready for whatever comes next. 

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What Does Net-Zero Carbon Actually Mean?  


In 2022, a sustainable workplace is non-negotiable. Although we've already prepared for the 'return to work', it is in this context that the term ‘net zero carbon’ has well and truly entered the mainstream. Businesses, government and civil society are all grappling with what net-zero carbon will mean for them and how it can be applied in practice.  

As a result, we have chosen to work in parallel with the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) definition of Net-Zero Carbon (NZC), which covers both a building’s construction and operational energy emissions. 

So, what does this mean for your business? We have identified 10 steps that you can take on your journey to NZC. To dive deeper, you can download the full guide. 

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Are You Ready To #WorkFromWork  


As businesses found themselves scrambling to order new technology, purchase workstations and implement quick fixes to combat the changes we faced through lockdown, we helped you future-proof your workplace and help your teams #workfromwork. 

Across the emerging landscape, we explore the strategic paths that organisations can take to navigate a hybrid workplace, identifying the key trends from 2021 and sharing ‘best in class’ examples of each - there are strategy, design and fitout opportunities to suit every business. 

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Some of our favourite projects from 2021


70 St Mary Axe  


Our London project in the iconic ‘Can Of Ham' is a perfect example of responding to the need for sustainable design - it was completed in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. To demonstrate the very best in sustainable design elements, natural and locally sourced materials including larch – valued for its durable qualities – have been used throughout the space, along with recycled furniture from the existing workplace. 

With key considerations made to acoustic and biophilic design, air quality, ergonomics and comfort, and health and wellness, we were thrilled to have been awarded with a Gold Ska Certification for this project. 

Check out the full case study for the incredible shots.

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A new 58.000 sqft site completed for this expanding biopharmaceutical company comprises two existing warehouse units with a mix of laboratory, production and office space.  The facility is used by engineers to design and manufacture a range of biopharmaceutical systems to be used in COVID-19 vaccine production lines. 

"The new facility in Havant will be an important part of our global operations network as it will enable our business to grow to meet the requirements of the expanding industry. It increases Sartorius’ capacity to deliver support in all areas of our business and provide the highest quality equipment and services to our customers" 

Dr Thorsten Peuker, Head of Operations, BPS Systems at Sartorius 

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With a renewed strategic vision having adopted a more hybrid way of working from January 2021, Infosys required a more agile and flexible workplace for their team based in Frankfurt. In a move to break free from their traditional roots, they wanted to create more collaboration and social spaces to reflect their bold visual identity. We understood this vision, developing a dynamic concept with a mix of focus spaces, breakout zones, dedicated workstations and touchdown spaces to support their office-based and transient workforce.

The reimagined Infosys workplace delivers the perfect balance of client experience space and work settings, with the purpose of creating a destination for employees.  

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Wishing everyone all the best for 2022!

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