The brief

Virgin Media was moving its London operation from two offices to one large office on Hammersmith Road. The media firm wanted to accommodate its 500 people in a modern, social environment to encourage interaction and collaboration. Virgin Media also wanted to generate an ‘experience’ for visitors and employees.

Our solution

The Area team helped Virgin Media to move away from a closed environment in to an open plan office which excluded offices that could be ‘shut off’ from the rest of the workspace. In addition, we created a Virgin Media experience via a dramatic entrance with a reception which featured a ceiling covered with fibre optic lights to give the impression of the night’s sky and a feeling of space. In addition, a cinema space was created in the entrance for visitors to help make the initial space welcoming, bright, dramatic and engaging.

Hammersmith Road, London W6
Sq Ft
10 weeks


"I have spent some time working among the people who have moved in over the last two months and the reaction has been very positive with great feedback, which is a credit to all of you."

Head of Strategic Development Property

Project insight

Despite the Virgin Media move being complex in terms of the number of stakeholders involved in the project, Area’s strong relationship with the client meant that it could deliver the new space extremely efficiently on time. As a result of their consolidation from two to one office, Virgin Media has made financial savings across the business.







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