The Brief

Ventura Park is a complex of industrial and warehouse units with attached office facilities. The task was to prepare a warehouse for fit-out and occupation, which involved replacing the asbestos roofing with steel composite roof panels, upgrading the lighting, and installing a new sprinkler system to meet insurance requirements.

Sq Ft
15,085 sq ft
19 + 18 weeks


The Solution

The work was planned in two stages. The first 19-week programme centered on the roofing and lighting, while the second 18-week phase dealt with the sprinkler system.

Tata Steel Trisomet roofing sheeting was selected to replace the asbestos, for speed of installation and to bring the building up to current standards for heat loss and insulation. The work was completed on time due to daily resource meetings, progress recording and phased target completion dates, assisted by good weather. Sustainable practices included waste segregation and maintenance of detailed records to point of disposal.

For the lighting, HiGen driverless high-bay LED fittings were chosen for their performance and durability. The lighting offers significant energy savings and ease of maintenance compared to HID (high-intensity discharge) alternatives.

In the second phase, an early suppression fast response (ESFR) sprinkler system was installed. This is a high output, high-volume system specially designed for warehouses, offering better coverage and quicker response through high-pressure, high-output sprinkler heads compared to conventional in-rack free sprinkler systems.

Project Insight

‘The client was really engaged and is very happy with the result. We were able to deliver a demanding programme in accordance with the tenants lease and move/occupation dates.’
- Senior Contracts Manager, Area


Sycamore House


70 St Mary Axe


Global Pharmaceuticals Company

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