The objectives

The brief was to create a classic corporate office space to reflect the building’s architectural heritage in the heart of Mayfair. The project required access to private meeting rooms and the creation of a luxurious client-facing lounge area.

Our solution

We created a contemporary yet architectural art-deco design to fulfil the client’s specific brief. Our team provided acoustically treated meeting spaces to provide privacy and implemented a selection of high quality materials and unique products to reflect the design intent.

Sq Ft


Key challenges

Due to the nature of the project, the provision of full time security for the site was fundamental. The use of expensive and intricate finishes meant protection of completed work was critical. We also installed high level security systems.

Technical aspects

The design required the installation of a starburst marble feature floor. A quarter cut veneered timber panel ceiling to fitted to the reception, and we applied bronze polished plaster walls. Additional VRF and ventilation systems to cater for the high density occupation and exceptionally high quality luminaires were added to the front of house areas.

"The coordination of the technical services was paramount for this project, Area’s early and continued engagement meant a difficult project ran very smoothly."

Simon Wood, Interactive Space


Hanover Investors


Ventura Park


Talent Works International

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