The Brief

When Cove Programs, Ascent Underwriting and Bay Risk Services came together to rebrand as future thinking insurance brand Optio, they required a new workspace that seamlessly aligns with their new brand and vision.

Working with specialist branding company Future Kings and Project Manager Fusion Building Consultants, Area were tasked with creating a working environment that offers something different to what would usually be expected of an insurance company.

Optio means balancing people and technology to deliver optimal products and services to clients, and the project team needed to ensure this was effectively translated into the office interior.

The Solutions

The company’s re-brand process took place at the same time as the design phase, meaning a flexible and integrated client approach was taken, and real attention to the company’s new image and messaging had to be carefully considered. The 10th floor of the neo-Gothic 1 Minster Court building was selected as Optio’s new workspace. The floor plate is hexagonal in shape with a wide core, therefore the design had to be carefully planned to ensure the optimal parts of the floor were utilised for clients and primary working space.

Clients are welcomed into Optio via a striking reception area, client meeting rooms and broker lounge. Aligning with Optio’s new brand identity, each space has been designed to reflect the company image with striking graphics, seamless video conferencing, views over the city and great coffee.

Optio’s open-plan working environment is situated across two main workspaces either side of the central core; primary working spaces, informal collaboration zones and a large social breakout area is situated at the back of the floor for employees to socialise, relax and meet away from their desks.

Sq Ft
9 weeks


Project insight

“What was fascinating about this particular project was to be a part of the brand journey Optio went on to discover their brand name, vision and identity. Going on this journey with them meant that the project was delivered in line with the agreed programme and Optio’s brand story seamlessly translates into the interior design concept. It was a pleasure working in partnership with Optio’s C-Suite stakeholders, the PM and Future Kings to deliver an innovative design solution for this future-thinking insurance Group.”
James Geekie, Group Design Director

Client feedback

“Rebranding as Optio provided us with the opportunity to redefine our vision and push the boundaries of our brand philosophy, and we required a working environment that reflected this. The brand journey we went on with Area, Future Kings and Fusion Building Consultants has resulted in an exceptional workplace solution that not only integrates Optio’s identity and vision, it also provides a productive and collaborative environment for our employees and clients to enjoy.”
Group COO, Optio


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