The brief

A multinational online retail business opened an office in Turkey in 2015 to help support the growth of its cloud and expanding Turkish customer base. The company began in a Regus office, but rapid expansion demanded a more suitable space. They settled on two floors of the River Plaza development in Istanbul, with plans to add a third floor if required.

The client wanted flexible office space suited to the dynamic nature of its business. The design had to address certain key factors, such as security and new ways of working, as well as reflecting Turkish culture. The company wanted the workplace to project a cool, funky feel, expressive of a cutting-edge digital business.

Istanbul, Turkey
12 weeks


The Solution

Area undertook the design and build project in partnership with workplace innovation company Instant Group, which managed the process. The project began with three months of design development, involving continual engagement with multiple stakeholders and teams within the client’s business.

The workspace encompasses different job functions, with breakout areas to encourage relaxation and socialisation away from the desk. The contemporary, often quirky open-plan design features inspirational quotes to promote innovative thinking. In line with current trends on staff wellbeing, sit/stand desks were introduced for everybody. There are also mother rooms and multi-faith spaces to accommodate different cultures.

Security was a top priority. Airlocked revolving doors were installed, making it impossible to walk into the premises without security passes.

Project Insight

‘The project threw up some interesting challenges. One interesting fact we learnt was that companies in Turkey build at night to avoid noise for other tenants and traffic congestion. We also had to allow for increased lead times in procurement, since the client specified certain materials that had to be imported.’
- James Saunders, Account Manager, Area


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