The brief

Area worked closely with Nintendo’s General Manager during the design phase to ensure the output was absolutely right. The result is an open and welcoming workspace that has been carefully divided into two distinct areas – a working area for staff on the upper level and a presentation space on the lower floor.

To enhance collaboration across teams, all staff were relocated to the upper level so everyone was working on the same floorplate. The open-plan working environment includes a series of formal and informal meeting spaces, as well as breakout area. The refurbishment included the replacement of the ceiling, lighting and carpets. In addition, desks were relocated and brand new partitions, glass walls and doors were installed while the office remained in occupation. To avoid disruption to the running of their day-to-day operation, the project was phased over seven stages.

Showcasing Nintendo’s very latest products on the lower level, the presentation space has been completely transformed from office space to a vibrant demonstration suite. Aligning with Nintendo’s branding, their logo, colour palette and characters from their video game series have been applied to the space to make it a lively and engaging place to present their latest innovations to their clients.

Quadrant 55-57 High Street, Windsor SL4 1LP
Sq Ft
16 weeks


Project insight

“In order to understand Nintendo’s vision and the overall business objectives for Nintendo’s UK operation, we worked closely with Nintendo’s General Manager, Nicolas Wegnez, prior to designing their new working environment. To ensure this was fully understood, we held regular design meetings with the Nintendo team to ensure every detail was considered before we started the seven-phase project programme.” Justin Lewis, Head of Client Support, Area


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