The brief

Infosys provides digital technology services and consulting to clients across the globe. Its subsidiary, EdgeVerve Systems, specialises in the development of financial technology software products.

EdgeVerve’s requirements for its new R&D offices, located on the Citywest business campus on the outskirts of Dublin, were specific. The top floor was to be dedicated project and client space, while the ground floor would house the main reception and ‘laboratory’ area for the programmers. Area’s task was to design an agile workplace that would support the creativity and productivity of staff and impress clients while encouraging collaboration and socialisation.

Citywest, Dublin
Sq Ft
30,000 sq ft
10 weeks


The solution

Having worked with Infosys on other schemes, with CBRE as project manager, we were familiar with the company’s brand palette and preferred ways of working. The design needed to be clean and slick, reflectingInfosys’s new corporate aesthetic while also referencing the Dublin location.

EdgeVerve’s programmers are key to the company’s success, so it was vital to create a workspace that encouraged creativity, collaboration and brainstorming while providing the flexibility to cope with changing project requirements. Working closely with the client we came up with an innovative laboratory approach that allows the project space to be easily reconfigured using sliding doors and panels. We also supplied a flexible, mobile desking solution.

It was also important to accommodate visiting clients as well as provide opportunities for staff to break away from their desks. There are two large meeting rooms on the ground floor, while the first floor also includes a meeting room, business lounge and training facility. Both floors have large breakout areas in the centre of the T-shaped floor plan.

Infosys’s energetic, lively design aesthetic is expressed in exposed ceilings, bold use of colour and playful nods to the Dublin location, such as lively images of local scenes and use of traditional Irish-style doors.

Project insight

‘One of the most interesting aspects was the implementation of flexible and agile solutions within the space, such as the sliding wall panels and moving furniture. It was also fun to work with the client on creating the graphics, which reflect Infosys as well as the Dublin location.’
Angelia Liard, Senior Designer, Area


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