The brief

Facing a lease expiry at their current premises, construction firm HOCHTIEF relocated to another building within Windmill Business Park, in which we were already working on another, project. We were tasked with revolutionising the way that HOCHTIEF worked by updating their workplace design model and ensuring space was utilised efficiently. Wanting to attract and retain talent, their new workspace needed to align with their culture, provide excellent facilities for their staff, and offer a new and vibrant work environment.

The solution

HOCHTIEF being experts in engineering and infrastructure, the design concept was heavily influenced by their line of business and this translated into the creation of a
construction-inspired scheme. To encourage a more agile way of working, the office was designed to create a street of offices, meeting rooms, project rooms and breakout space. In order to support collaboration, quirky HOCHTIEF branded breakout huts are centrally located. A bridge running through the office offers hot-desking space and a large teapoint breakout area, ensuring maximum connectivity within the space. A history wall has also been installed to show HOCHTIEF’s journey.

Windmill Business Park, Swindon
Sq Ft
8 weeks


"Our new head office has created a fantastic working environment for our staff, encouraging collaboration and innovation."

Managing Director, HOCHTIEF

Project Insight

“We had a great working relationship with HOCHTIEF’s team, which meant that from creation to implementation, we were trusted to deliver exactly what we planned. By working together, we were able to assist HOCHTIEF with lease negotiations and landlord contributions, which ensured best utilisation of the client’s budget. HOCHTIEF’s new workspace provides a productive environment, which not only supports a more agile way of working, but also maximises the space available.” Alex Marrs, Creative Manager



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