The brief

When power generation company Globeleq’s current premises in 2, More London was coming up for lease expiry, they wanted to relocate to a new central location in the City. Having recently undergone a rebranding exercise and a change of owner, Globeleq wanted their new workplace to represent its new identity, be in close vicinity to their investors and offer exceptional client-facing meeting facilities.

Our solution

Globeleq’s new workplace is a complete transformation from their previous facility and features an upgraded open plan workspace, which includes sit-stand desks for all their employees. A more agile way of working is encouraged through a variety of working platforms including breakout pods and phone booths, which support a range of concentrative, collaborative and quiet work activities.
Globeleq’s new agile way of working is further supported by a state-of-the-art room booking system. Providing exceptional front of house facilities, Globeleq’s new workplace includes an informal waiting area and meeting suite. To offer their own employees sufficient wellbeing facilities, a new and improved tea point has been installed which has a completely different look and feel to the rest of their office space. Globeleq’s tea point provides great views of the city, good coffee and a variety of seating options.

67 Lombard Street, London
Sq Ft
8 weeks


"From the project outset Globeleq had no preconceived ideas about the aesthetics or design of their new workplace. Amenable to new ideas and design solutions meant that we had no restrictions to what we suggested, which has resulted in a workplace that better supports employee wellbeing, enhances productivity and provides stunning meeting facilities for their clients."

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