The Brief

Our client is a rapidly growing American healthcare software company that is looking to expand into Europe. They required their new Bristol HQ to provide the kind of working environment that had already proved highly successful at their Wisconsin campus.

Area’s brief was to extend the ‘campus feel’ and unique personality that already exists across another UK site. The solution also needed to provide exceptional facilities and wide-ranging working environments for their employees.

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12 weeks


The Solution

Through our close working relationship, we have acquired a comprehensive understanding of the company’s ethos and how it functions day to day. We are also familiar with the creative approach to corporate design established by the company’s remarkable Wisconsin campus.

The client’s preferred cellular approach is expressed in the form of focused orientated work settings, supporting the required functionality while providing an opportunity to explore international themes in a playful, eclectic manner.

A walk round the office is a journey through global cultures, embracing the spirit of Scandinavia, Australia and Singapore, among others. The collaborative and shared spaces in particular are vibrant and fun, with eye-catching features such as the exotic booths in the breakout hub.

Arresting decorative touches abound, encompassing bold graphics and imagery, patterned floors, quirky luminaires and eclectic furnishings, with plenty of planting and references to nature. Our client insists that above all, it wants its staff to love coming to work. This is a workplace where there is always something new and unexpected to be discovered.

Project Insight

“Our client is forward-thinking in terms of creativity, which gave us the freedom to be progressive and push the boundaries when designing a space with a unique energy and feel.” - Project Director, Area


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