The brief

US-based software company is a rapidly growing American healthcare software company that is looking to expand into Europe. They required their new Bristol HQ to provide the kind of working environment that had already proved highly successful at their Wisconsin campus.

Area’s brief was to create an inspiring workplace that reflected the software company’s identity and personality while providing exceptional facilities for their employees. Simply put, they want their people to love coming to work.

The solution

There was nothing we could teach the software company about space utilisation and productivity. We simply embraced their knowledge, based on years of study, scientific analysis and continuous improvement at their Wisconsin campus. Our task was to capture the company’s vision, culture and passion, and express their delight in British history, tradition, music and arts to engender a sense of belonging and emotional engagement.

Our proposal was designed to foster creativity, teamwork and innovation in settings geared to different tasks and activities. The 100 employees either have their own office or share with a colleague. These individual offices are supported by meeting facilities, collaborative breakout spaces and a large informal dining area.

The individual working environments reflect fun, energetic dynamic and desire to celebrate its first venture to our shores through quintessentially English themes. There’s a Farmyard boardroom, for example, as well as meeting rooms based on Shakespeare and Union Jack flags.

Sq Ft
12 weeks


Project Insight

‘Software company’s self-described “intergalactic headquarters” in the US provided us with a great foundation for our approach to the design concept for their UK office. They are eclectic in the way they show off their sense of identity and personality, so we had a lot of fun creating environments which give nods to music, the arts and history, as well as the local area within Bristol.’

Lauren Deane, Senior Project Designer, Area


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