The brief

The client is a European-owned full-service bank which has operated in the UK for more than three decades. It operates a nationwide network of branches, has a decentralised way of working and focuses on building long-term customer relationships. The bank expects its London HQ to reflect its modern, progressive ethos, with none of the opulence of previous eras.

Having previously carried out the refurbishment of two floors, Area was tasked with converting a third floor to accommodate a growing workforce.

The Solution

Our main challenge was to complete the ft-out within the time and budget specified. The task included Cat A and Cat B ft-outs, creating a sense of connection between the floors and working within the client’s global design standards. A staircase had to be extended and we also added an acoustically treated meeting space.

The result is a cool, clean, stylish workspace in black, white and grey, warmed by wooden finishes and ceiling features. Glass walls and partitions contribute to the light, open effect.

Sq Ft
26 weeks


Project Insight

‘This represents the third project undertaken for this client in the last three years. The bank was a lovely client and we were able to establish a great relationship of trust. There was genuine collaboration, the client was fully engaged and happy to give us free rein to be creative and innovative.’

- John Gillard, Project Director, Area


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