The Brief

Our client in the engineering industry decided that the dated design of its Birmingham regional office was no longer appropriate for the way its people needed to work, collaborate and relax.

The refurbishment project aimed to remodel the space to provide a variety of work settings, creating plenty of opportunities for collaboration, chilling out and socialising. The client also wanted a fresh new look to brighten up what had been an ordinary, conventional workplace. Ultimately, the intention was to create a template that could be rolled out to other regional offices.

Sq Ft
6 weeks


The Solution

The client occupies one floor of the building in the main business area of Birmingham city centre. The new-look design combines open-plan working areas with collaboration space and facilities suited to specific functions – such as high-back acoustic seating to answer calls and high benching to layout drawings.

In addition to the diverse work settings, there is a stylish meeting suite, homely breakout areas and a tea point that also acts as a large town hall space when required. Personal lockers supporting the new, flexible use of space double up as internal partitions.

The aesthetic is light and bright, with cheerful use of colour, contemporary furnishings and feature ceilings in key areas. Biophilic touches include plentiful planters, wood effect finishes and natural hues, while motivational messages punctuate the space.

Our design team collaborated with the client to produce a scheme that worked with the existing building layout. Speed was an issue, and the site team had to schedule works to minimise disruption, as the offices were in continuous use. We were delighted to be awarded ten out of ten for our management of the client experience. The staff were understandably anxious about the impending change to their established work environment, but are happy with their bright new space and are making good use of the varied work settings

Project Insight

"The most special space for the client is the new hub area around the tea point. This is being used for educational and social events they would not have had before. It’s great to see how well they are using this area on a daily basis. The main entrance to the meeting suite and the lounge are particularly striking and provide a wow factor.”
- Safia Parker, Project Designer, Area


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