The brief

Lottery operator Camelot decided to refresh its London offices in line with the work already carried out on its Watford, Liverpool and Northampton campuses. Brettenham House accommodates different Camelot companies and groups, each with their own requirements and protocols, on a single floorplate. The challenge was to balance the various elements and sub-brands while retaining a sense of connection.

Brettenham House, London WC2
Sq Ft
10,000 sq ft
8 weeks


The solution

Our work on other Camelot properties had familiarised us with the company’s values and preferred way of working. Camelot wanted a design that would promote wellbeing and collaboration within a positive working culture and impact on its bottom line, while maintaining a number of stringent security requirements.

Staff were consulted through an internal steering group run by Camelot’s project manager, which provided good insight into what was needed. We were working within tight budgetary constraints, but following a review of Camelot’s existing furniture across a number of other sites, we found we could keep costs down by reusing furniture with no impact on the final design.

The offices are a mix of conventional working space, contrasted with shared areas that project a warm, homely feel. The reception area makes an immediate statement, greeting the visitor and directing them to the different Camelot companies occupying the space, while every nook and cranny of the floorplate is put to work for the benefit of visitors and staff alike.

Project insight

‘Finding a balance of brand, security needs and cultural requirements between Camelot UK and Camelot Global within a building that didn’t naturally lend itself to the design requirements was a big challenge. However, by working closely with the client on design development, we achieved a result the whole project team believes is a great success.’
- Divisional Director, Area


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